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About us
Supervision Hour Tracker is a software solution created to make tracking supervision hours simple. Many organizations are faced with the tedious process of tracking excel documents or managing paper timesheets. Supervision Hour Tracker takes the extra steps out of the equation. Supervisees enter their hours and supervisors/administrators monitor totals.
How Supervision Hour Tracker works
Supervision Hour Tracker has three kinds of accounts: Students, Supervisors, and Administrators. Supervisors and administrators can create new groups and add students to their groups. Once a student is in a group, they can submit their timesheets based on their group. After a timesheet is submitted, supervisors can login, view timesheets for students in their supervision groups, and can sign off on each timesheet.
Administrators have a global view of their organization. They have a roster with all Supervisees and lists of their timesheets. Alternatively, they can view each supervisor's supervision groups to see supervisees' data in the context of the groups they are in.
Supervision Hour Tracker offers tools for viewing and filtering totals. Charts help to breakdown information and effectively visualize the patterns of the data collected.
Always Growing
Supervision Hour Tracker is continously building new features. Feature requests are welcome as we try to build this application to be as useful for everyone who uses it. We're eager for your feedback and ideas!
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